Building the "Third Space"

In today's world, we have many types of communities, but the two core places that define where we spend most of our time is often considered to be either our home space or our work space. In the last few decades, the concept of the "Third Space", a place where one can find a distinct and unique community between the two, has emerged. Coffee shops especially have assumed this role as a space for individuals to gather together, to catch up with old friends, to make new acquaintances, and to work or study in a more relaxed environment. The Third Space is a place where one can find community in new and inviting ways, embracing and celebrating time with others through shared experience at a common location. We hope FOX•DOG quickly becomes this Third Space.

Making FOX•DOG Your New Community

FOX•DOG COFFEE seeks to provide a customer-focused approach that connects to our community through a quality cup of coffee. In this way, we cultivate an intentional space for our customers to share stories and experiences with one another, and to build bridges between friends, family, and strangers alike.

FOX•DOG was started with the goal of building community over well-crafted cups of coffee, creating a place where everyone is welcome. Our desire to connect with people extends beyond our brewing abilities - we care deeply about the people we serve, and strive to establish ourselves as a presence that invites others to connect and share with one another. Your barista can be one of the most dynamic people in your life - walking with you through many life moments, both big and small. We want to be your refuge, your happy place, your community. So come and share, and we hope you feel welcome to build your own little community that starts within our four walls and extends far beyond them in the world at large.