Our Story

FOX•DOG COFFEE is a family-owned, independent coffee shop in Erie, CO. We exist to inspire the coffee journey by loving and serving everyone in our community.

The concept for FOX•DOG COFFEE began as a small but mighty seed in our hearts many years ago. We pictured building a unique environment that celebrated our community by providing great coffee, excellent service, and a space to gather and build relationships with one another. When the opportunity to open a shop in Old Town Erie came along, the two of us felt that the time had come to make our vision a reality.

We began construction on the space in early 2019, just a few weeks after our youngest son made a surprise appearance 4 months early. Through many twists and turns, we have been able to realize our vision and build the coffee shop of our dreams - one that serves and celebrates our community both at home and abroad through a faithful service of love, gratitude, and great coffee.

About the Owners

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Hello! We are Ben and Stephanie Hauser, your FOX•DOG owners! We met in Boulder, CO, in 2012, when Ben was working at a coffee shop and Stephanie was getting ready to move from the Bay Area. We started dating, got married a couple of years later, adopted a dog, and had twin boys shortly after that…and our third son came 4 months ahead of schedule (he came home a few weeks ago, just in time for our grand opening)! I think it's fair to say we don't do things halfway. We have many friends and family in Erie, and can't wait to be an even bigger part of this incredible community.

Our Name Inspiration

Our FOX•DOG Family

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Our twin boys served as the inspiration for the name. A dear friend to our family once commented on the character traits of the FOX and the DOG they portrayed even from a very young age: clever, playful, loyal, active, and faithful. It was in this spirit that we will open the doors of our coffee shop to the community of Erie. We love watching the boys grow into the little people that they are just as we love watching FOX•DOG COFFEE embody these values as it grows as a business.