Our vision is to create a unique environment that celebrates our community by providing quality coffee, excellent service, and space to gather and build relationships with one another.


We believe that excellent coffee brings about beautiful moments - from the farms, to the workers, to the roasters and the baristas, and finally to your cup. We source our beans from local shops who pride themselves on knowing and cultivating the entire bean from start to finish.


Service, in life and in coffee, is at the heart of our FOX•DOG mission. We want to value our guests by serving them coffee from a heart of gratitude. In assuming this posture of service, we believe our mission to positively affect our community will be realized.


Our heart for people pervades all other aspects of our mission and values at FOX•DOG. All are welcome and valued here. We hope to forge strong connections within the city of Erie as the community continues to grow and evolve, and we aim to create a space for others to do the same.